Skipper W Horse Breeder

2018 Celebrates 67 Years!

Denny bought his first registered quarter horse in 1951, and the Quarter Circle Bar Ranch has been going strong ever since.

Denny also bred paint horses, though his first love was quarter horses; especially Wiescamp or Skipper W Bred horses.

Denny and Carol met at the American Paint Horse Association in 1979, where Carol was head of the Registration Department. Carol came from a ranching family from West Texas, and has been around horses all her life.

They were married in 1980 and began expanding their Skipper W horses. Over the years, they purchased a number of branded stallions and mares from Hank Wiescamp and became one of the top breeders of the Skipper W bloodline.

They remain committed to keeping their Skipper W horses at 100 percent. Because of the long standing interest in fitting and showing halter horses, they began buying several Impressive bred mares. In 1999, they bought Crackerjack Clu, a full brother to Kid Clu. They sold him in 2001, but kept three of his daughters. They also had a 2001 sone of Kids Classic Style that they raised to breed to their Impressive mares, but lost him in July 2005 to a twisted intestine. Now they are planning on selling their Impressive mares.

They now have two, 3 year old stallions, DW Skip N Assault and DW Double the Ring. They are all 100% Wiescamp. In 2007, they added a branded palomino stud named Silver Loch.